General Catering

The Signature series features a range of optional units which can greatly enhance your kitchen. The units are all engineered to our high standards and include many of the features of our specialised units.

Learn more of our general catering products by selecting from the list below.

Signature Cupboard

A spacious and sleek cupboard design that can be easily deployed within the kitchen or utility area.

Dimensions : L=1200mm, W=600mm, H=810mm

Product Diagram

Front Elevation

Product Diagram

Top Elevation

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Six Ring Oven

Ideal for a smaller kitchen or as a backup oven...

Dimensions : L=900mm, W=770mm, H=970mm

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Top Tray

Ideal for...

Dimensions : L=1220mm, W=800mm, H=810mm

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Gas Fryer

Perfect utility fryer for a smaller kitchen

Dimensions : L=385mm, W=760mm, H=000mm

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